HER SIN, a short story by Azaaa

I’d like to share a story I started writing many years ago called HER SIN. Below are the first three paragraphs. It’s a dark paranormal romance about werewolves, romance, rising above one’s history and seeing pass prejudice.


The heat drew me in more than the sounds.  I was so very cold.  Hurt too and very, very tired.  I couldn’t run any more.  I couldn’t keep my true form anymore.  I no longer knew which direction I came from.  I didn’t know who I was running from.  I wasn’t sure why I was running at all.  I couldn’t remember much of anything.  I am human.  No, I am in human form.  Too weak to change back into my wolf.  My wolf, she… wanted to be warm and safe.  She wanted me to keep running until I found a safe place to rest.  

We felt the heat of fire in the air, faint, but somewhere near by.  We could hear things in motion, and voices.  I slowly dragged myself towards the heat, taking one unsteady step at a time.  As I got closer, I could hear loud, festive sounds of laughter, talking and music.  The sound of people dancing, and of people eating and drinking.  Yes, I thought.  Surprisingly unwary of this place and this gathering of people.  I didn’t know if this was safe, but I had reached my limit.  I must get some of their heat, their food, their clothes and shelter.  I couldn’t do it alone anymore.  Not while I was so lost, injured, weak, and confused.  And, this loneliness I was feeling was freighting in its foreignness to me.

I heard the thump of someone dropping something.  I heard the gasp of surprise from a few of the people gathered.  The chatter simmered down quickly and the music slowly came to a stop.  I barely had the strength to lift my head up and look out at the people from my spot at the edge of the forest.  When I did look up, it was to find many eyes on me.  They took in my nakedness, my cuts and bruises, my half starved body and unwashed skin and hair.  

What do you think?

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