Wild Nights, late night writing

Wild Nights, late night writing

Despite being home most of the day, I usually write at night between 11pm and 1am.  

Oh, I sometimes go to a local cafe or restaurant with my laptop to write.  And, I’m able to jot down a few ideas throughout the day.  But, the bulk of my writing is done at night when I am half asleep.

Am I a night owl, you ask? Oh, no. Not anymore, because even night owls get rest.

sleepy owl baby girl boots wild-nights-late-night-writing

I am a mom now and that takes priority from the moment my daughter stretches awake in the early morning to her last yawn of the evening.  And, then I get to be a wife.

I look forward to dinner time conversation with my husband each evening.  We smile. We laugh. We tease. We share tales about our day. We update each other on loved ones and discuss our goals.

When 11 o’clock rolls around, the house is finally quiet. No one needs me to clean them, play with them, make dinner or schedule weekend outings.

With the baby monitor on, of course, I sit and write in peace.

I’ve tried waking up early to write from 6am to 8am instead. But, I’ve discovered it is self inflicted torture. So, there you have it! I am the least stressed and most motivated I’ve ever been, and yet I can’t seem to find enough time each day to write as much as I’d like. Because, I am a mom first, a wife second and a writer third. 

What do you think? 

What goal do you not have enough time to work on?

Comment below. 


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