How Ignorant, taking a second look at my childhood

How Ignorant, taking a second look at your childhood

Am I a stay at home mom, or am I a work from home mom? Do I have a career, or is parenting my primary focus? I don’t know. Or, better yet, the answer is a fluid one that changes from week to week. 

What I know for sure is that being home with my daughter has allowed me time to reflect. My mom was a homemaker for several years. Other years, she ran an in-home day care. Nowadays, she takes care of the elderly and disabled. She is a kind, giving person. If asked, her accomplishment in life was raising children to the best of her ability.  

During my teenage and college years, I couldn’t relate to my mom’s life choices. I often wondered why she didn’t have a “career job.” I judged her for staying home. I thought of the ease in life I was denied, because I didn’t come from a two income household. 

Oh, how ignorant I was to so easily judge my mom.

I love my momFast forward a decade and I am my mom. I have become more family orientated. I have become more domestic. I embrace inner beauty and natural beauty more than ever. I consciously try to grow into a more considerate and responsible person. I don’t wear makeup regularly. I enjoy the challenge of looking myself in the mirror each day and finding things to love. I shop at local farms and prefer home cooked meals. And, lastly, I enjoy walking and spending time outdoors. All this I learned from my mother, forgot over time, and then rediscovered as an adult. 

Today, I am appreciative of the sacrifices my parents made to have one parent work and the other stay home.


What do you think? 

Which of your personality traits come from your mom?  

Comment below. 


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2 thoughts on “How Ignorant, taking a second look at my childhood

  1. Love how concisely you wrote all those complicated feelings in life. I learned a long time ago from a wise person that “You never know how anyone feels until you walk in their shoes”. So true. I was a latch key child and that affected me to pursue a Freelance Career when I had a baby, I was able to raise my son, as you know and be there for him. If you place my Freelance Career and Gregg on a priority scale, Gregg wins every time ❤


    1. Hi Randi, Thank you for sharing!

      To be honest, I resisted my new way of life at first. I wanted to do it all: sleep in, stay up, play with baby and cuddle, write daily, breastfeed, keep up with my looks and hobbies. I confused being home all day with raising a baby. The two are very different. The former suggests you have time, and the latter means you do not. I’ve finally accepted and embraced my new schedule. A pattern has emerged and I can see my opportunities. The moment I admitted that I could not do it all. I became much happier.


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