Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek from THIS TIME

Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek

These are the main characters in my debut fantasy novel titled This Time.

Nadira, Demon Hunter:

There are plenty of vampire hunters in the world protecting blissfully ignorant humans from vampires, werewolves, and all other beings that inspire nightmares.

But, who do they call when they’re over their heads? Children of Orion: a small, elite group of monster-slaying specialists that have literally been to hell and back. Dangerous, solitary, and bound by a strict code of conduct, these demon hunters have what it takes to save the day when all hope seems lost.

Nadira Holden is our protagonist on an adventure filled with sophisticated bad guys, complicated family drama, and dangerously unrequited love.

Leo, Leader of the Demon Hunters:

Leonardo Walker, known affectionately as Leo, finally got the position he has always wanted, but at the worst time. Recently promoted to director, Leo is determined to repair the image of demon hunters and help them adapt to the needs of the modern world.

On top of secretly running an organization that has been publicly dismantled, Leo will have to supervise his former teammate—the first person he ever loved. Will Nadira follow his lead, or break the rules as easily as she broke his heart in their youth?

Derek, Demon Duke of New England:

For too long, demons have smiled and played nice in order to win the heart of humankind. It turns out, trusting humans are far more willing to share land, riches, and information than scared-to-death humans. Who knew?

After years of careful preparation, the demons are ready to attack under the skilled leadership of Derek. Entrusted by a demon prince to lead the takeover of New York, Derek has little patience for demons unwilling to step in line. When an unknown demon starts feeding sloppily in his town, he decides to handle it himself as a much needed stress reliever. How could Derek have predicted that he would uncover an active demon hunter with a tantalizing secret?

A deleted scene from book one:

“I hate them,” Nadira said with genuine contempt.  She allowed herself to feel all the anger she felt the night she walked into the sea.

“They stole my peace, my next life. I’m stuck here, an echo of my former self. I’d sooner punish them than help their lost cause.”

Shaking his head, Derek said, “I stare at that pretty mouth of yours and hear lies. I look into those sad eyes of yours and see rage.”

His left hand jutted out and grabbed her neck tightly before she could turn away. The pain was immediate as the soft muscles and delicate  bones of her neck were squeezed together slowly.

This Time by Azaaa Davis releases 10/01/18! 
An action packed urban fantasy novel.
Order your copy today! 

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