Quick Updates!

Hi to all those that have stumbled across my website and found something they liked,

I have a few quick updates! 

  • I am now on Patreon! www.patreon.com/azaaadavis It’s a website for artist, writers, other creators of original content to showcase their work and get pledges from patrons.  I am writing original fiction exclusively for patrons on this site. Check it out! 


  • My website is doing well and I will continue to post regularly. I will focus more on blogging about my experience as a new mom and updates about my current work-in-progress This Time.  I am now venturing into guest blogging for others. Pretty cool stuff. 


  • Sorry, that my blog posts have slowed down a bit. I’m outdoors more, getting less sleep, working more on my novel, and still unpacking from my recent move.  Thanks for sticking with me and subscribe to get notifications about new content! 


  • Her Sin moved to Patreon. It is a paranormal romance story about werewolves that incorporated suggestions from fans. I enjoy writing this story and I have a lot of ideas for how it will unfold. I hope you continue to read the story at it’s new home. 


  • My facebook author page is doing well. I will continue to post regularly. I love the free flowing exchange of ideas. Each like, comment and share brightens my day as people connect over the joy of reading and writing, and celebrating each other’s success.  





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