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In case you missed my online book launch party for THIS TIME, several great questions were asked. Here are some of the questions from fans and my answers: 

Insight from an author


September Presale This Time Author
This Time Author Azaaa Davis

Fan Question: “What inspired this story?”

My Answer: I wondered, ‘what if the hero already made the ultimate sacrifice?’ and “What if the story started when an action adventure movie normal ends?” I create a complex character and named her Nadira.  She sacrifices herself in battle only to be pulled back into a seemingly endless fight between good and evil. 

Fan Question: “What has been some obstacles when you’re writing and getting your books published?”

My Answer: As a new mom, my biggest obstacle is finding the time to write. I think of it as being a mom from 7am-8pm, a wife from 8pm-11pm and a writer from 11pm until 1am (or 3am some nights). Of course all of the roles are occurring simultaneously and a mom’s work is never done … But I usually don’t write until my daughter is asleep for the night and I’ve spent time with my husband. 

Fan Question: “What advice do you give to aspiring writers such as myself?

My Answer: To anyone that has great ideas and want to write a book, my advice is to write often and aim to finish a story. I think that the only thing harder than starting a story is following through until you write “the end.” I struggled with this because I’m a perfectionist and an overachiever. Only when I learned what this phrase meant “Done is better than perfect” did my writing career start to become a reality.


I hope you found this interesting. ☺

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Best wishes! 

Azaaa Davis

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