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Hi Readers, 


Yesterday, I mailed off signed paperback copies of my book to my patrons—those that have donated to me on www.patreoncom/azaaadavis—and raffle prize winners—those that actively participated at my book launch party on Facebook

It felt amazing to thank those that have supported and encouraged me by giving them the finished product. 

Then, I dropped off two copies of my book, This Time, at a local bookstore. The Book Cellar in Nashua, NH sells a wide variety of used and new books. They also feature books by local authors, and jewelry and crafts by local artists. The store manager, Emma, paid me on the spot for my books and immediately put them on her “from local authors” bookshelf. If these two copies sell, then she’ll order more (maybe 10-20 copies at a time)!  

My debut novel, This Time, is in a local bookstore!

She asked if I was interested in doing an author event—most likely a book signing event—in February 2019. In that moment, I truly felt like a published author. This life long goal of mine is now my realty. My author business is blossoming! And the moment was made even sweeter because my husband and 1-year-old daughter were with me, witnessing my career take off. 
I am working on book two and three, and I can’t wait to share the continuation of Nadira’s action-packed story with you. 
Azaaa Davis
My signed paperback books sent to my supporters.
My signed paperback books sent to my supporters.

[ PS: Please note that I met with the bookstore manager prior with my book in hand asking if they featured books from local indie authors. We discussed the details then and all I needed to do was drop off the first two books. ]


5 thoughts on “In bookstores

  1. Wow! Well done, Azaa’a! I’m very proud of you. O contacted the Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie using the email address given to me and have not had any response. Not sure I want to bother anymore. So it’s nice to know that some bookstores really DO support their local artists. Well done!


    1. I know Poughkeepsie! I’m originally from westchester county, NY. Yea, B&N is pretty hard to get into as an indie author. My research showed that they wants an impressive sales record from me and the ability to return any unsold books for a refund. So it’s on the back burned for me.


      1. I’ve asked at an independent bookstore in Rhinebeck. After the New Year, I’ll see what I can get done there. I think I’m gonna give B&N a wide berth for now as well.


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