Meet Author Kish Knight!

Hi there,

Welcome to another author interview! I haven’t done one in a while and want to continue to introduce you (my readers) to all the wonder fantasy authors I get to meet. They have terrific books waiting to be discovered by you.

Why do you read? Why do you write novels? 

Reading is fun for me, because it creates a way for my brain to relax, and because it allows me to have some ‘ME’ time.  One odd thing though, is I CANNOT read in public or outdoors, because the surroundings will keep my brain from going into that secret space/ mode reserved for reading.  Reading is my private time! 

Writing…..ah…..I LOVE writing.  I’ve been creating stories ever since I was about three years old.  (Back then, they were pretty gruesome stories I’m told, about dogs and blood and babies’ bottles!  But hey, I was creative….lol. 

I truly feel that the only thing I want to do in life is WRITE.  That is my passion in this lifetime.  (But of course, one has to do other things as well in life, such as have careers….hmmm….)

Kish Knight, a teen and new adult paranormal fantasy author, was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands. Seeking out the supernatural, she relocated to Savannah, Ga. for the ghost, ghouls, and old-world charm. After reveling in the Southern ghosts, she took residence in the DC area and met a new set of city spooks.

What was the last book you lost sleep over?

Oh wow….. this is a hard one….not really.  ‘Singed’.  This is my dragon fantasy/ urban fantasy novel.  This book is definitely my ‘white whale’.  I have been working on this novel ever since 2012, and there have been so many iterations of it, so many different covers, so many revised timelines, concepts, characters….and on and on. OK….

‘Singed’ seems to be a story where I haven’t figured out what is going on as yet!  That can be the only reason why I cannot bring this story to a close.  The story keeps working itself out in my head, slowly unraveling deeper elements about the dragons and their world, but it is FINALLY ready to BE introduced to the world.  FUN FACT: I was preparing to release it in September 2018, but pulled it back.  Lol!  However, it will be released in early summer 2019!  Look out for ARC signups!

Meanwhile in Kish’s world, my Dark-Inferno world has several books currently in progress, which will be releasing in 2019!  (‘EverWitch’ and ‘EverDemon’)

When not at her desk, she’s most likely to be found with a book (nose-deep), romping with her 8 dogs (7 pits and 1 Chihuahua mix), or plotting out ways to take over the world (or at least the book market).  Her current round of busywork always involves developing a plethora of design documents for her latest e-book series.

What book do you consider a hidden gem and wish more people knew about it?

‘The Shelf’ (or rather, the series behind it).  Actually, this was the first book of a YA series, originally planned to be a very edgy paranormal series.  It was released in 2014, and because of where I wanted to distribute the physical novel, I kept the writing softer and younger reader-friendly. 

But, during the later half of 2019, I will be releasing the re-edited and expanded EDGY version of ‘The Shelf’ (re-titled as ‘Marked’), as well as the next three books in the series, ‘Hunted’, ‘Deceived’, and ‘Bonded’.

Kish also writes middle-grade novels under the pen name of Cher Cabal.  She is the author of the Returned novel series: Resurrection, Hellbound, and Dawning, as well as the expanded compilation, Returned to Fire; the Dead-End Ave series: The Shelf and The Shelf 2; the Senior Year series: Geek – Boy Equals…. and Geek to Diva in 20 seconds; and also of the middle grade novel, Our Crew PLUS boys!

Favorite children’s book? Favorite young adult book? Favorite adult novel? And, why did you pick these?

1) The Dollhouse murders – because I was a kid, and the book combined creepiness and a DOLLHOUSE. Nothing more to be said!

2) Any book by Christopher Pike – because Christopher Pike was the end all, be all, for me growing up

3) Death’s Mistress by Karen Chance – because I LOVE Karen Chance’s characters in the Dorina Basarab books

Lastly, what was the last book you abandoned? Why couldn’t you finish reading it?

Um…. I will say this. 

I don’t finish books that have too many descriptors and take too long for things to happen.  I recently read a novel that was just perfect, the concept and characters were very engaging, it had great pacing, and the book wrapped up nicely.  It even had a cliffhanger, which made me salivate to purchase the next book in the series.

As soon as I had the opportunity, I purchased the entire series.  BUT, unfortunately, the second book –  1) introduced too much conspiracy, 2) too much ‘plans for action’ and not enough real action and 3) seemed to lose the original concept and charm that I was initially attracted to.  So I did not finish that 2nd book, nor the rest of the series.

Well, that was an enjoyable interview! Thank you, Kish, for taking the time to visit and share your story! Any parting words?

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Best wishes,

Azaaa Davis

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