Press REFRESH on That Night!

Hi readers and friends,

I encourage you to press refresh on your ebook copy of That Night asap for an even better reading experience! Post-production proofreading of That Night is complete and the updated ebook offers a smoother story to improve everyones enjoyment.

The story itself remains the same.

Refresh or re-downlaod your ebook copy of That Night 🙂

As you may know, That Night is the continuation of Nadira’s story and it takes some surprising twists and turns.

It’s a heavier story, emotion-driven, and will leave you thinking about self-worth, inner demons and forgiveness.

Your favorite characters are back and many new characters were introduced. And for those craving a little more insight into Nadira’s world, magic and demons are explored more fully.

Here are some early book reviews:

The author did a stellar job in bringing forward all the feelings, mood swings, weakness, vulnerability and despair Nadira feels. All of it is so palpable, so vivid, so realistic, absolutely amazing. I loved her, hated her, felt pity for her, and cheered for her. I felt Nadira’s despair, hopelessness, and loneliness. And then I felt Nadira evolving and growing strong and powerful. 

It was an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

“Amazing Sequel” | Amazon Book Reviewer | 5 Stars ⭐

Author Azaaa Davis continues to impress in this sequel. I expected an enjoyable read, and I got that plus nonstop action, sizzling romance, and a deeper understanding of the world she’s created.

“I need more” | Amazon Book Reviewer | 5 Stars ⭐

The characters are authentic, relatable and realistic with personalities and depth that keep you captivated from start to finish. Sparks fly as danger and suspense ensues in epic proportions. Non-stop, action packed, heart pounding, hard hitting adventure that brings all the pieces together for one wild ride. The scenes are so vivid and descriptive it gives the illusion you’re right there in the middle of ground zero with them. 

“One Exciting Adventure” | Amazon Book Reviewer | 5 Stars ⭐

Best Wishes,

Azaaa Davis

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