Hi readers and friends,

I know that I’ve been less active online in the last month or two. My social media posting schedule has dwindled, I’m behind on my exclusive content for my patrons, and my website has no new updates. Well! Here is why.

I am expecting my second child! That’s right! This new mom and author is pregnant with baby number two!

Baby in womb, pregnancy art.
This gorgeous pregnancy art was found online on Pinterest. Original artist unknown to me.

I’m at the end of my first trimester, dealing with both the excitement of pregnancy and trying my best to manage all of my pregnancy symptoms. The first time around, I was working per diem and had time to rest and write throughout the day. This time, I’m busy being the best mom that I can be to my toddler daughter while juggling a new career as a fantasy author and still working per diem. There is sadly no time for the pregnancy naps I daydream about.

Admittedly, after publishing my second novel in April, my focus on writing decreased as I began focusing more on my health and the growth of my family. Hopefully, I will find balance soon and resume the production of book three in the Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter series.

These are my goals for the rest of 2019:

  • Develop a new writing schedule with healthier writing times (such as stopping at 11 PM)
  • Finish writing book three titled These Moments
  • Resume writing Her Sin, a paranormal romance about werewolves
  • Dive into the world of book marketing and start advertising regularly when book three is published later this year
  • Work less hours
  • Sign up for prenatal yoga classes

Other than that … I hope to sleep more, exercise more and enjoy my life as a pregnant-wife-mom-author-friend even more. 🙂

May is my birthday month and I’ve been lucky enough to have fortunate events take place each year. This year that gift is two incomes and a second child on the way! For me, spring is the season of hope and inspiration. And, I’m happy.

Fantasy author Azaaa Davis at book signing.
Azaaa Davis (moi) at her first book reading/signing event in March 2019 in Nashua, NH.

Best wishes,

Azaaa Davis

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