Don’t make my mistakes. Make your own. ;-)

Hi readers and friends,

I am the proud author of two published fantasy novels with two more stories in progress. This pregnant author-mom is on fire!

The Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter book series is trilogy about a resurrected demon hunter asked to fight again after she already made the ultimate sacrifice to end a war between humans and demons.

Nadira is an intriguing mix of naughty and nice, do-gooder and pleasure seeker, human and demon.

With an African-American female main character and a diverse cast of supporting characters, there is a great amount of representation in this series. Nadira has flaws and vulnerabilities that help make her a relatable protagonist.

Book one, This Time, is an action-packed story with a satisfying ending. Book two, That Night, is a more mature, more emotion-driven story with a shocking ending that will have you eager to pick up book three.

Now, let’s explore my mistakes! I’m a new indie author and (unfortunately) that means some lessons will have to be learned the hard way.

From my mistakes with book one and two, I’ve learned a few lessons.

These are my newer, higher standards: 

  • I will finish draft one before I start draft two. 
  • I will complete draft two (self-editing) before I start using beta readers.
  • I will give my beta readers more structure including less time for a quicker turnaround. 
  • Then and only then will I start the professional editing process when I’ve reached draft three, allowing me the option to submit the entire manuscript for editing.
(internet photo)

From these new rules, I’m sure you can guess what most of my mistakes were. I know, I know, yikes! :-/ But I’m getting better with each story I write in terms of both storytelling skills and preparation.

Now go on my fellow writers and make your own mistakes! Don’t make mine! 🙂

Best wishes,

Azaaa Davis

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