Why bother to patron an artist?

Why bother to patron an artist? They can manage with what they get financially from the sale of their art. Or, they can work like you do. But when they work (like you, and most of them do) there is very little time & energy left for them to work on their art. 

Some artists stay up until 1am or 3am, pushing themselves to imagine, to create, to complete something incredible. Others wake up before most at 4am or 5am to squeeze in a little time on their project before another day in the office. 

It is what it is, right? Well … most of those projects are never completed. The artist loses focus, faith and sometimes their vision. The slow, often inconsistent progress, kills their motivation and breeds doubt. 

When you (the friend, family member, coworker or fan) ask, “How’s it going?” 

The artist gives a small smile and says, “This is my dream. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. But what was once so clear in my head is slipping away and doesn’t come out right. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not meant to be a writer (or painter, or musician, or artist).” 

There are so many abandoned dreams. There are so many unfinished manuscripts and unpainted art. It’s a tragedy.

“Okay,” you say,  “What does that have to do with me? What can I do?” 

I’m glad you asked! You can consider becoming a patron to an artist.

It doesn’t take much effort or money. Simply pick someone you know (or know of) that is striving to create something you want to see manifested in this world. Then talk about their project with others. Spread the word. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and social media can amplify it. Post a picture of their work in progress. Post about why you feel good supporting them. 

Whether you give privately or publicly, whether it’s $1 or $25, whether it’s a one time contribution or monthly, it’s the thought that counts and each and every penny adds up. With Patreon, those that support artists are called patrons and they get exclusive rewards in exchange for their contributions. 

I don’t know if I would have been able to self-publish my novels without the support of my patrons. And my stories (filled with relatable characters, strong female protagonists, and entertaining plots that make you think) might not be available in the world today.

Visit my Patreon page today. Help me inspire others through my novels.


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