5 Book Bloggers I Follow And Why You Should Too!

Hi Readers,

Book bloggers are friends to readers and authors alike.

Their honest book reviews and enthusiastic recommendations make the book world go round.

The best book bloggers really let their personalities and preferences shine!

The best reviews I’ve read tell me both something about a new book and something about the reviewer.


The most unique book reviewer I follow shines light on both the books she reads and those she reads to her son. Little is known about V other than that she’s a retired teacher, mom and reader. You’ll find both adult and children books reviewed on her site, and each article is thoughful.

“Without giving spoilers, I can tell you that some surprises await Nadria along the way. The biggest one I started to see coming, and was gratified that I was right. The foreshadowing was just enough for me to remain uncertain until that satisfying discovery. The plot was exciting and unpredictable, though never outlandish (given that we’re talking about fighting demons, that is).

The world-building, the plot, the characters, the relationships — everything — is so thoroughly planned and skillfully executed that This Time is a compelling, fantastic urban fantasy.”

V | book review excerpt of This Time| Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk


One of the most enthusiastic book bloggers I know is Ira. While her first love seems to be urban fantasy, she has branched out to many sub-genres of fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. She has a soft spot of new and up-and-coming authors and is great about following an entire series. Best of all, she does a great job of writing long, spoiler-free reviews.

“There are numerous interesting characters in the story, most of them quite unpleasant, but incredibly realistic. The world, a new and original world of the author’s creation, is harsh and unforgiving to most, especially Nadira and her counterpart Roquelle, who is an amazing character herself. And then the plot, which kept me in suspense from beginning to the end, full of unexpected twists and turns, and just when I thought that the end will bring a temporary resolution and calm anticipation of the next book, the author decided to finish with a shocking cliffhanger. And I love her for it.”

Ira | book review excerpt of This Time | Ira Myriam


Amy runs The Genre Minx Book Reviews and it is a well oiled machine. Her book review blog is one of the best websites I’ve seen. It’s easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, easy to contact her and easy to search for particular authors or books. GMBR really excels in posting their reviews all over the freaking place: Goodreads, LibraryThing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

“Now Nadira had to come to grips with the fact that she had a demonic other half that liked to take over her body whenever Nadira weakened enough to make it possible. Roquelle was utterly destructive to Nadira’s life and made having close relationships nearly impossible. Learning that she was not in control of her life and living in fear of Roquelle taking over her body only made Nadira want to grab control at any cost and the choices she made to “maintain control” were not ones that were healthy but they were understandable. 

I felt for Nadira and with no true allies to support her with her struggle to adapt to a world that made no sense, it was no surprise that Nadira made the choices that she did. Even when she chose to ally herself with Derek, a demonic Prince who had quite the history with Nadira’s succubus half, I totally understood.”

Amy | book review excerpt of That Night | The Genre Minx Book Reviews


Lisa runs Comfy Chair Books, a book review website that focuses on contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her website is well named because you’ll feel like settling into a comfy chair and browsing her site for hours. Well written articles and pretty images allow you to share her love for romantic stories that span multiple genres.

“Filled with a lot of emotions as Nadira tries to fit into this new world she finds herself in and her new role in it, or lack of one. That Night is a heavier story than book 1, This Time. We get to see more of Nadira’s personality as she experiences doubts, suspicions, anxiety, depression, and daily struggles. Written vividly, the series has kept me riveted throughout. I really liked that Nadira is a very strong lead character.”

Lisa | book review excerpt of That Night | Comfy Chair Books


Before We Go, a book review website that is just as whimsical as the name sounds. Beth is the book blogger behind this incredible website. She is well read and uses references to make new books and authors more relatable. She is also wicked good with digital art and her images elevate her articles. Aside from reading and reviewing whatever catches her eye, she occasionally will post indie author spotlights on her blog!

“I have read a lot of urban fantasy, I mean a lot. I adore the genre. It hits that spot of fun and fantasy. This story hits a lot of those fun spots. Great kick-ass heroine that channels a bit of the Mercy Thompson vibes with some Kate Daniels. Nadira is more than just a tough character which adds a great dimension to the story. She has insecurities that war with her training and this allows the reader to identify with her as a character.”

Beth | book review excerpt of This Time | Before We Go

As a reader or writer, I hope you’re intrigued and check out these wonderful book review websites. These book bloggers put in an incredible amount of time, thought and creativity into their blogs to make them fun and informative places to hang out.

What do you think? Comment. Share. Reblog.

Best wishes,

Azaaa Davis

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