Winter Games: A Month-Long Reading Event with Giveaways

The Winter Games is a fun-filled month-long reading event on Facebook! 

✨ Starts February 1st, 2020
✨ Meet a new community of readers  
✨ Discover new #authors 
✨ Can win the #Giveaway contests! 
✨ The online parties/raves are fun

Sign up today!

The opening ceremony will be on Saturday, 2/1/2020 at 2 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern on Facebook.

The gift card giveaways for the readers participating are quite generous, and all books will be FREE to you as a Winter Games Participating Readers.

Food For Thought: 
Did you know it takes most authors six months to a year to produce one book? Meanwhile, Amazon alone publishes one book every 5 minutes! Our amazing authors have proven talent, and they depend on you to help them be seen in a sea of books.

If you love to read, this group is for you. Winter Games is a fun way to meet authors, read tons of books, and challenge yourself to read more and faster. The online parties are a great way to interact online with other readers and writers in an easy, relaxed way.

For the chance to gain more book reviews, the partisipating authors giveaway their books for free.

We read every book review––be it encouragement or constructive criticism.
You––our readers––inspire us to continue.
Just sayin’!

What do you think?

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