Reading Goals for 2020

Hi Readers,

I’m back from my writing maternity leave, hurray!

Be patient with me as I strive to find that elusive balance between parenthood, marriage and career. I’m hopeful that a healthy and well-balance routine will emerge as I move forward.

One of the things that fell by the wayside last year was my hobbies. In 2019, I only read six fiction books. As a former bookworm, I was disappointed in myself. Upon reflection I realized that I read a lot of articles over the year including blog posts about the craft of writing and book marketing.

While I will continue to improve my writing and bookmarking skills, I’ve decided to read more for fun in 2020.

I have updated my Goodreads to be read list, and it is now filled with a mix of fiction, non-fiction, new releases, old favorites, traditionally published and independently published books.

I will challenge myself to read 25 books this year! That’s roughly one book every two weeks, or at least two books a month. While I started a new book in January, I haven’t finished it yet. I know, I know, not a great start. But, where does the time go?

Even if I don’t reach this goal, I know that setting it high will help me read more books than I did last year—and that’s the point. I’m remembering to do the things I love by carving out time for my hobbies.

What’s your reading goal for 2020?

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In the world of social media, I’m participating in an author challenge for the month of February. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see short and sweet, new and insightful posts all month long. For example, 2/5/2020 is “Me in an Alliteration.” I’m still thinking about what comes after “Azaaa adores apples and …” LOL.

Help, I need all the words that start with the letter A!

Best wishes, 
Azaaa Davis

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