I’ve got a plan! ^_^

February 2020

Hi Readers,

Thank you for sticking with me while I was away on maternity leave, and a warm welcome to all those that are new my newsletter or blog. ☺️

Taking a break from my online life and obligations was a stressful treat! On one hand, it was nice not having to come up with new content or to remember to publish a new blog post. On the other hand, I’d get a good idea for a post or I’d have great news and couldn’t blog about it. So I created rough drafts containing all the new topics I want to discuss.

My style (friendly) and my topics (glimpses into my life as a stay-at-home-writer-mom) will remain consistent while I try to update and entertain you with new happenings.

The most important thing I did in December (other than have a baby!) was the creation of my author business plan for 2020. This is the first time I researched the topic and then clearly wrote out my goals and plans for the year. Unlike New Year’s resolutions that are sometimes shared but rarely fulfilled, I wrote down action steps to help me reach my monthly goals. To help keep me accountable, I’ve told my spouse and now I’m telling all of you. 

My primary goals for 2020: 

  • Write and publish more books (2-6 stories)
  • Market my books to increase my book sales 
  • Join a multi-author boxed set (for exposure and experience) 

So how far have I come? I finished the drafting of my third book! It’s a full length urban fantasy novel and the third installment in the Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter book series.

Get excited! You can expect more blog posts, cover reveals, excerpts from my stories, published books, and services for writers! Yup! Not only do I plan to write more, read more, and publish faster, I also intend to offer free services to writers. 😲

Stay tuned and wish me luck this year as I try to be the best wife, mother and writer that I can be. I’ve got an infant and toddler to raise, and at least two books to publish this year!

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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