Let’s celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!

Hi Readers,

As an indie author, it’s incredibly sad how quickly books get lost in the shuffle without a huge budget for paid advertisements. Most authors don’t have $5,000 to $10,000 to spend on book marketing. That’s why I created a page on Patreon. People can easily support my efforts to write and publish more stories featuring strong females of color.

My fantasy novels are meant to entertain and inspire.

What I love most about Patreon is that it allows for friends and associates who don’t read to support my writing without buying my book. People can make a one-time donation or sign-up to donate a small amount monthly (as low as $1 per month).

I think people forget that it doesn’t take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations. – Hannah Teter

While saving up to increase my ad spending budget (Thank you, patrons!), I’ve looked into other ways to introduce my books to readers.

To help gain exposure, I’ve been more active on social media. In the past 60 days, I’ve watched my number of followers grow tremendously. Participating in author challenges on Instagram and Twitter helped a lot by getting me to offer new bookish content daily.

New followers in 2020: 
Facebook Author Page = 200+
Twitter = 500+
Instagram = 700+

And even more exciting than those numbers … 

This Time now has 55+ book reviews on Amazon US and over 75 book reviews in total!

Thank you readers and book bloggers for reading my novel and taking the extra step of posting your thoughts. Book reviews are treasured by inde authors and help with book sales.

 So … Let’s celebrate with a GIVEAWAY! 🎁

Novel Teas 

This tea contains 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea.

This giveaway is my way of saying thank you for being my friend, supporter, subscriber or follower. I appreciate you and I’m encouraged by your interest in my stories.

How to enter for a chance to win? Simply like this post!
Pick one, two, three or all four ways to increase your chances.

1) Like this post | 2) Share this blog post | 3) Follow me on Bookbub | 4) Follow me on Booksniffer

For Bookbub and Booksniffer, a snapshot can be posted in the comments or you can email me your proof.

The winner will be announced in my April newsletter, 4/14/20! Good Luck! 🎉

✨ And here’s another giveaway for urban fantasy fans

Urban Fantasy Giveaway (books & swag)!

C. L. Cannon’s Urban Fantasy Giveaway 🎁
Price: $200 value of urban fantasy books and swag ✨
Giveaway end 3/21/2020 and there are ways to increase your entries! Good Luck!

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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