Cover reveal for These Moments!

March 2020

Hi Readers,

With much excitement, I reveal to you the ebook cover for These Moments — book three in the Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter series!

Unwillingly resurrected. Betrayed by family. Soulbound to a succubus. 

Nadira no longer recognizes herself as the demon hunter and leader she was raised to become. Her only goal is to survive the ill-conceived merge with Roquelle before it destroys both hunter and demon. 

What is she willing to do to save herself? Anything. The evil surrounding her knows it, too. Her desperate acts put both herself and the few friends she has in jeopardy. Now, she must live long enough to stop the war she started, or humanity is doomed. 

Release Date: Spring 2020

Genre: Urban Fantasy

I hope you like the book cover as much as I do!

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I worked with artist and author Enesha on this exciting ebook cover. She offers both pre-made and custom ebook covers at great prices.

My editor at Editor Rascon and I will be working hard to offer you a polished story and an epic conclusion to the Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter triology.

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

July Update: Due to the many events that have taken place in 2020, I have postponed the release of These Moments.


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