What are you reading?

March 2020

Hi Readers,

I hope you are well.

This is an update on my 2020 reading goals.
And I’d love to know how much progress you’re making with yours.

In 2019, I read only six books. At the beginning of this year, I announced on Goodreads that I wanted to read 25 books. So far I’ve read two books, and I’m currently reading five more.

Currently Reading

  • Amazon Ads for Authors by Deb Potter. A non-fiction book about book marketing. I’m enjoying the paperback version because I can easily highlight, underline and take notes.
  • 5,000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox. A non-fiction book about writing productivity. I’ve had my eye on this book for a while and finally purchased it on sale. With my limited writing time, I would love to know how to write faster.
  • Jinn by Jessica Cage. Book one in the Djinn Rebellion series. It’s exciting to read more fantasy novels about people of color written by people of color.
  • Beauty is the Beast by Jennifer Zamboni. Book one in the Beasts Among Us series. This is not a Disney movie retelling. It’s a fantasy story about a hairdresser, gods and shifters.
  • Demon Mine by Marina Samcoe. I’m still picking this book up here and there. So far it seems like a human and demon ertoica.

Reading for Free

You’re going to be able to add a lot more books to your reading list now that Amazon is giving away two free months of Kindle Unlimited. The Kindle Unlimited trial gives you access to over 1 million books, audiobooks and current magazines on any device that has the Kindle app. The free Kindle Unlimited trial lasts for two months. When your trial finishes, your membership will renew at just $9.99 per month.

“Amazon gives away two free months of Kindle Unlimited” | Christina Williams | NY Post | 3/18/20

How much progress have you made this year? Are you a speed reader? Can you read more than one book at a time? Comment below. ^_^

Warm wishes,
Azaaa Davis

3 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Great progress! Those books sound very interesting. My goal is to read 150 books this year, but I’m hoping to have read 50 by the end of this month. I’ve read 48 so far, so I think I’m on track. Goodreads says I’m reading 16 books at the moment, but I’m only actively reading 5. They are Pax by Sara Pennypacker, Shadow Soul by MJ Bavis, Prophet’s Journey by Mathew S Cox, Deep Roots by Beth Cato and The Odyssey by Homer.

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    1. That’s an impressive amount of books for the year! I like that it’s a mix of genres as well as contemporary novels mixed in with literary classics.

      Are you a speed reader, or do you prioritize reading over other tasks?

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