Author Spotlight: Daniel Hodgson

Canadian writer Daniel Hodgson was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1986. Currently living in southern Ontario Daniel has dedicated his life to the written word no matter how serious, ridiculous or obscure.  

Daniel also writes as a music and art journalist with growing success in the industry.
His style is unique, eloquent and polished ready for you to devour any time you want.

“The Were family are a well-liked family who live in a haunted house at the end of Howl Road in the lovely suburbs of Wolftown.”

The Were Family of Wolftown by Daniel Hodgson

The Were Family Of Wolftown is a children’s book unsuitable for children. There is a lesson learned in each story that uses an original and refreshing dark humour. Modern issues are tackled such as the #metoo movement to transsexual identity in a world of werewolves. The Were Family Of Wolftown is heartwarming and side-splitting take on society.

Follow his writing journey on his author website, FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

I have not read The Were Family of Wolftown yet, but I enjoyed the sample pages I read via Amazon. Daniel contacted me recently requesting a book review. While I was unable to provide that service at this time, I was willing to introduce him and his imaginative story to my readers. I hope you give this new author a chance to entertain you. If you buy and read this book, please leave a book review. Thank you. ^_^

What do you think?

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