#BookReview Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett

Bibliophile On A Budget

HIV could’ve killed me, but it didn’t get the chance. I’m stronger than HIV, but I can’t even handle a few tweets from kids I don’t know.

Simone is starting over at a new school, hopefully this time her HIV status will stay under wraps. The last time her peers found out…well let’s just say she found out who was really in her corner. The new school is amazing so far…she has friends, she’s director of a musical, and she has a hot crush on Miles, a handsome athlete. As her and Miles get closer and closer to the possibility of maybe having sex, her tormentor gets closer and closer to outing her status ….unless she cuts the cord on her first ever successful relationship. Simone has no idea who would be leaving her nasty notes in her locker…and time is running out.

I really loved the cover and the…

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