Meet the Bookworm: Elizabeth Tabler

Hi Readers,

Today, I want to introduce something a little different. It’s not an author or a book. It’s a book blog! Before We Go is a book blog run by Elizabeth Tabler. I met her via the #writingcommunity on Twitter.

Great book blog. Great person. Book reviews and spotlights for indie authors.

Books, Life and Other Oddities

Hello and welcome to a new series I’m doing on my blog. I’ve sent a couple of bookish questions to some bloggers and bookstagrammers who have been crazy enough to fill them out. In this series you’ll get to read their answers, admire their favourite reads and share their favourite stories. If you want to join the series just drop a comment below!

Elizabeth Tabler

Twitter Handle

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What sort of things do you like to read? Any favourite books?
I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. Favorite, ohh that is so hard. I like Fahrenheit 451 a lot.

What got you interested in books? Any particular books or people?
I have been bookish from a very early age. As soon as I learned to read, I plowed through books.

Do you enjoy writing as well as reading? What…

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