Author Spotlight: Winnifred Tataw

July 2020

Hi Readers,

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Winnifred Tataw.

Winnifred or Winnie, as most know her by, is an artist, writer, and author of her debut novel: The Gods’ Scion: Child of Tempus.

“I have had a lifelong love of literature and art. As a new writer I want to create beautiful fantasy world(s) with compelling and intriguing characters. I reside in South Carolina and am an undergraduate at the College of Charleston. I love to spread positivity and joy to those around me, and look at the world through a glittery pink lens.”

As a military child, Winnie has traveled extensively around the US East Coast and Germany, learning about the history, lore, and culture of each region. Winnie has spent the last two years writing and expanding the world of The Gods’ Scion trilogy series.

The Gods’ Scion Series (YA Fantasy Novels)

Child of Tempus, Book 1

An action packed dystopian story line that follows a group of friends fighting to save the world. We Rodrick is a prince of the ruling country of Diar. He has a face kissed by the Gods themselves, with deep blue eyes and long ruby-red hair. Speaking of Gods, he also happens to be the Acolyte of Time. Gifts and curses with this power give him control over aspects of time. And being a dragon-human hybrid has its amazing perks too …

Descendants of Time and Death, Book 2

It has been a year since the Reign of Ryton, the Demon King, came to an end. Leaving Rodrick to face the burden of the tyranny he left behind. Yet this time he is not alone …

Connect with Winnifred Tataw online:





Winnie is currently writing her third fantasy novel and has an engaging blog. Winnie recently helped spread the word about Jilted — the paranormal romance story I wrote for the Soul’s Day Boxset: Horror and Paranormal Halloween Anthology.

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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