Writing Updates

July 2020

Hi Readers,

Breaking news: I have reached over 1,500 newsletter subscribers! Hurray! πŸŽ‰
Thank you all for taking an interest in my fantasy novels and journey as a writer.Β 
There’s something of value in my newsletters for readers, writers, fans, and friends.

I’m switching my donation page from Patreon to Buy Me A Coffee. Patreon called for exclusive content monthly in exchange for patronage. I enjoyed telling news to my patrons first, providing original stories, and sharing private insights about book sales and marketing.Β 

This year has been rough on us all. Some supports may no longer be able to donate monthly. Buy Me A Coffee encourage more one-time donations of $3 and truly feels like a supporter is cheering me on.Β 

No matter switch website I use, what I do with the money remains the same. Donations help pay for book covers, editors and marketing. As a independent author, I appreciate each book sale and book review. Donations help me produce professional quality books that more readers will enjoy.Β 

I experienced a priceless moment walking with my mom in my favorite park during her recent visit.

A day at the park with my mom.

Lastly, I want to highlight a couple of the giveaways I’m currently participating in …


Best wishes,
Azaaa DavisΒ 

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