Find My Love

July 2020

Hi Readers,

Introducing … Find My Love, a paranormal romance novel involving time travel by Maggie Tideswell.

Find My Love

Roxanne’s Ghost, a complex ghost story of identical twin sisters’ love for the same man.
A nanny came for an interview. The day was Friday the 13th.

Dr. Ben Arnold is still grieving the death of his wife, but needs someone to care for his four-year- old autistic daughter. The last thing he wants is an insanely strong physical reaction to the nanny candidate. When she fell on top of him, no one could have foreseen the furor about to erupt over Weltevreden – no one except Ethel, Ben’s ancient housekeeper. Ben refuses to even consider Jessica James for the position.

Jess is determined to demonstrate to the very handsome yet very rude widower she is the perfect choice, no matter how much he scowls. She is the unseasonal storm to disrupt Ben’s life, and may be the balm he needs.

While strange happenings all around them defy common sense, Jess’ glimpses of a life long past add to the surreal quality of Ben’s estate. Unknown to her, it is the first anniversary of Roxanne, Ben’s wife’s death. The event brings his three oddball sisters-in-law, including Roxanne’s identical twin, to his home. They claim Roxanne isn’t dead after all, and intended to find her and bring her home. The twin, Millicent, in particular, isn’t happy with Jess being at Weltevreden … Trouble is immanent, but only as far as Ethel allow … Question is, if she isn’t dead, where is Roxanne?

Maggie Tideswell is a bestselling South African author with a passion for romance. Ghosts just can’t seem to leave her alone. She combines things that can’t be explained, sweaty bodies and rumpled beds in a way that will make your toes curl and your hair stand on end.

Maggie just can’t do without perfume, coffee and the internet. She is nearly as passionate about food as she is about creating alpha heroes every woman will fall in love with, just as she does, every time. The strangest thing is that cats have never played any kind of role in her stories, as she is owned by two of them. That might change soon.

Discover Maggie Tideswell’s books on Amazon:

Maggie recently helped me promote the cover reveal for JILTED — my paranormal romance story being included in Soul’s Day Boxset that releases in October 2020.

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