Unusual Fiction | #supernatural #thriller #weird

September 2020

Hi Readers,

The fall inspires preparation and change. As we watch the leaves fall and change color, we don on sweaters and boots. Some of the changes are overdue like a new home or car. Other changes can be stressful like the start of a new school year or more responsibility at work. As we stay indoors more, where it’s warm and familiar, we start to consider wishes, gifts and what ifs.

Unusual Fiction is a bundle of books that are different, strange, exciting, new-to-you, and unusual. It might be a unique protagonist, incredible word building or unpredictable twists in the stories. Explore these unusual tales listed below.

Take a moment to visit the bundle of Unusual Fiction on Book Funnel. This combination of books is only available for September, and ends 9/30/20.

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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