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September 2020

Hi Readers,

Author Updates 

I’ve started my holiday-themed, short story. I won’t reveal the cool title just yet, but I can tell you that it’s about a vampire servant’s quest to prove herself worthy of a transformative bite.

Scorned is still in the drafting phase. I wrote book one using discovery writing. Book two, however, needs a loose outline to help with continuity. Scorned is just as thrilling to read as book one, and filled with more romance and drama.  

I ❤️October

I now have dedicated time to write several days a week! For about three hours on four days of the week, I am able to take off my mom-hat and wear my writer-hat. This increase in writing sessions is incredible. It’s allowed me to pace myself with the admin side of writing as well as to push myself to increase my word count on all of my upcoming stories. 

Since I started my writing journey in 2017, this is the first time that I’ve been able to write during the day regularly. It’s only been a month of this new schedule and I like it. As a stay-at-home mom, I was resistant to using childcare for a long time. It took discovering a fellow crunchy mom interested in providing childcare for me to say yes. I see now that it was the right decision for the needs of my family. 

Soul’s Day Boxset which features my new story JILTED, releases in about three weeks on October 20th! 


Personal Updates

My first child recently celebrated her 3rd birthday! She loves to sing, draw, and play pretend. I’m impressed with her love of books, pre-reading, and pre-writing abilities. 

My second child is already 9-months-old! She’s getting so big and does a pretty good job of crawling after her energetic big sister. Our breastfeeding journey continues smoothly. 

Since I carved out time on Sunday evenings to read, I have been devouring books. The first book I read this month, A Pack of Blood and Lies, was read from cover to cover in under 24 hours! I’m determined to not think of it as time that I should be writing. Instead, it’s time to relax, seek inspiration, and renew my connection to the avid reader within. 

What was the last book you read in less than 48 hours?

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

My Favorite color is October

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