Excerpt & Giveaway! | Jilted is a Soul’s Day Boxset story

October 2020

Hi Readers,

Today, I’ve prepared an excerpt and a giveaway for you! Take a moment to read a scene from Jilted and enter our current giveaway!

Excerpt from Jilted

The hotel we stayed in for the weekend was two blocks away from the restaurant. We walked over to practice the wedding ceremony with the wedding planner. Jane worked for the hotel. What she lacked in looks, she compensated for in personality. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and sentimental, she coordinated a simple yet elegant wedding for me in a short time frame. It probably helped that we had only a best man, maid of honor, and one set of parents to rehearse with. The minimal wedding party was glaringly obvious, but what could I say? I didn’t get along with other women, and James hadn’t spoken to his family in a decade.

After a successful wedding rehearsal, James offered to escort my parents back to their room. He swore he didn’t have any last-night-as-a-bachelor plans. Alec, James’s best man and best friend, looked into my eyes and swore they were only going to play pool later. I made a fuss about a hypothetical law student by day and escort by night catching James’s attention with her sob story and perky tits. The guys reassured me that I had no competition. The teasing was fun for us all. The brightness in his eyes told me that James enjoyed my possessive streak. Alec remained amused by us, saying that he would heroically distract any and all well-endowed women that may approach them later. 

I pouted, but I didn’t care enough to stop or stalk them. I had my own late-night plans brewing. 

My mom studied us all from a few feet away. I could tell she still had concerns, but I desperately needed family time to be over. With big, circular arm movements, I herded us all back inside from the well-lit gardens to the hotel’s lobby. 

“It’s okay, Mom. Get some rest. Jaz will keep me company tonight.”

“Goodness, Theresa! That’s who you picked to be your maid of honor?” my Mom asked, frowning. 

I pressed the UP button five or six times in quick succession. 

“She’ll be great tomorrow. Like I said before, my diligent made of honor is wrapping up work stuff to ensure her three-day weekend is all mine. ” 

The ding of the arriving elevator distracted me from my mom’s mumbled words to my father about someone being permanently in between jobs. 

“What was that, Mom?” 

With a shake of her head, she said, “Don’t stay up too late, honey. Rest is best.”

I wanted to frown back at her as I imagined what she would have said if my dad hadn’t touched her shoulder. Instead, I cracked a smile, recognizing the same advice she’d been offering since I was fourteen. 

My parents hugged me simultaneously. Alec waved. Then James stepped close enough that I needed to lean my head back to meet his gaze. 

“Behave yourself,” James whispered in my ear while tugging on a loose curl.

With wide eyes and a pout, I replied, “That doesn’t sound like me.”

We both chuckled.

In a flash, James held the back of my neck in one of his large, rough hands, and then pulled me into his arms. My face smashed into his shoulder. He repeated those two words. They transformed from a teasing suggestion to a chilling command. I knew how cute we must have looked all hugged up in public. I knew my parents were watching us from inside the elevator and saw a sweet goodbye between love birds.

I nodded, not in the mood to make a scene. James released me and joined everyone else in the elevator. I watched Alec press a few buttons causing the doors to slide close. Waving at them until they were out of sight, I felt a confusing mix of emotions and sensations: warm, frightened, cold, and uneasily.

Standing alone in the hotel lobby at ten o’clock at night, I yawned in exhaustion. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into tomorrow, but I needed a drink.

© 2020 Azaaa Davis 

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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