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November 2020

Hi Readers,

I’ve been quiet lately after the promotional storm required for a new book release. A little rest and reading was required for me to recharge.

It’s National Novel Writing Month (#nanowrimo2020) and I signed up since I’m writing regularly anyway. After writing Jilted, my first published paranormal romance short story, I decided to write another short story and I’m almost done. It will be written and professional edited before December 1st!

In the mean time, please enjoy the two offers below. ^_^

Coming soon …

I’m so excited to announce my newest story soon!
       A Vampire Urban Fantasy Short Story
Stay tuned for more info.

Books for Review ✍🏼📃
Seeking book reviewers!
If you enjoy reading and leaving book reviews, then grab any of these young adult and new adult books in this bundle. The authors, including myself, alway appreciate honest and voluntary book reviews. ^_^

Book fairs 📚
For all the readers out there that enjoy action, suspense and horror elements in their stories no matter what season we’re in. This book bundle contains horror, paranormal and dark fantasy books from a wide group of authors.

Comment below if you are participating in #nanowrimo2020 too!
If not, what other hobbies are you enjoying to pass the time as the days get colder and shorter.

Best wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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