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December 2020

Hi Readers,

Check out this early book review of Hiss, Rattle and Bite!

Azaa’a Davis’s short read about a wannabe vampire is well written and imaginative. Mari is a witch, albeit a poor excuse for one, who is willingly in service to a master vampire in hopes that one day he will turn her. She gets her wish, (or did she?) though not exactly in the way anyone quite expected. Despite the short length, Davis manages to develop Mari’s character quite well. There is definitely a possibility that this book will turn into a series, with an ending to this story holding hands with the potential of many more. Good read.

A Goodreads Book Review by S. H.

I hope you are as excited as I am for this new book! Hiss, Rattle and Bite is being sold widely in all your favorite digital bookstores. At only $0.99, there’s no reason to hesitate to buy. If you are on Goodreads or Bookbub, you can add my book to your reading list for reminders, to connect with other readers enjoying the same story, and to leave a book review when you’re done. I’ve also got a release day party planned with games and prizes. Grab your copy and join the fun! 🥳 🎉 ✨

Hiss, Rattle and Bite releases on Tuesday, 12/15/20!

Hiss, Rattle and Bite
A Vampire Urban Fantasy Novelette
If you regularly write book reviews,
please consider claiming one of the few advance reader copies (ARCs) left!
Have you bought your copy yet?
Ready to join the Hiss, Rattle and Bite party and discussion?

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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