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December 2020

Hi Readers,

Did you know that Hiss, Rattle and Bite is dedicated to my husband? And the funny thing is he hates horror! I’ve wanted to dedicate a book to my husband for a while. Now felt like the perfect time, even if the book didn’t perfectly fit his personality or preferences.

This Time, my debut novel, was dedicated to my first daughter. I was pregnant at the time that I wrote the novel and I became both a mother and a novelist in the same year.

That Night, my second book, was dedicated to my first fan. I was delighted and inspired by how deeply this reader loved my books: characters, plot, world building, storytelling, and all!

Hiss, Rattle and Bite is my third independently published book and I wanted to honor my husband.

For my husband,

You may not enjoy reading dark fantasy novels and yet you find 101 ways to support me. 

Thank you.

Dedication in Hiss, Rattle and Bite by Azaaa Davis

I’m both blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom raising my two little ones. Because I’m in a G-rated world all day filled with play and laughter, I write dark fantasy novels for adults. I enjoy the mental stimulation and unique challenges of being an author, an independent author, and a small business owner.

Without reading the fantasy novels that I write, my husband finds numerous other ways to support me. Somedays it’s encouraging me to write when I’m watching TV and other days it’s encouraging me to go to sleep when I’m still writing at 2 in the morning. I bounce ideas off of him all the time. Most remarkably, he encourages me to spend money on my book writing business! Yup! I often hesitate to spend money on more professional services. I’m so frugal. Each time, he reminds me that quality is important and that we are investing in my career as an author. These are things I know, but still need to hear when it’s time to pay a hard working editor or talented cover designer.

Thank you hubby! ❤️

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

I enjoyed sharing this tidbit with you. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me, my family and my values.

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