A Steamy and Suspenseful Tale! | #Jilted #PNR #Excerpt #shifters @azaaadavis

January 2021

Hi Readers,

My new book releases in just a few hours! 🎉

We said “I do,” and then he disappeared. 

Never Marry a Shifter, Book One
A wolf shifter paranormal romance novella

I’m so excited for you to enjoy reading this suspenseful and steamy romance!

I wrote Jilted for those in need of a more soft and vulnerable female lead. Follow Theresa as she stumbles over her new husband’s secrets and develops her inner strength. 

Here’s an excerpt from chapter 2 to tantalize you!

I couldn’t stop grinning as James let me into his apartment. That look of his made me wet every time. It’s nice knowing you’re liked. It’s fucking incredible knowing the man of your dreams wants you desperately. James wants me. I’d said that to myself with glee so many times, and it always caused a warmth to radiate from within. Saying those three words felt like receiving a tight hug.

“Looking good today, babe. Damn. I’m a lucky man.”

Because it pleased both of us, I slid off my jacket and twirled, knowing my short dress would lift with my movement. I twirled my way from the front door to the living room. We smiled at our reflection in the massive flat-screen TV mounted above the mantle and faux fireplace. With my back to James, I lifted the hem of my dress just enough for him to see the hot pink thong I wore underneath it.

I barely let out a yelp before he reached me. His speed and agility still surprised me. Before I could turn around to face him, intent on teasing him some more, he rubbed himself against me.

An Excerpt from Jilted by Azaaa Davis

Who else wants to read more?!

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

I continue to write about women of color going on adventures in new paranormal worlds and experiencing romance.

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