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January 2021

Hi Readers,

I’m seeking more book reviews!

Enjoyed a book by Azaaa Davis?

Then let others know about it!  

Your comments can be short and to the point, or as long and detailed as you’d like.

You can’t imagine how helpful book reviews are to authors and other readers.

Reasons why you’d like leaving a book review for one of my books:

  • I read each and every one of them! Some authors avoid ever reading their review, but not me.
  • I learn from reading reviews about my books. What readers like, dislike and want to read next.
  • While I leave Amazon alone, I like and sometimes say thank you to book reviews on Goodreads & Bookbub.
  • I enjoy friending and following avid readers and book bloggers that have Goodreads accounts and/or book blogs.

My books (that could always use another review):

The top three places readers go to find new book recommendations and read reviews:

As always, thanks for showing an interest in my stories and writing journey! ✨

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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