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January 2021

Hi Readers,

In 2021, I will be blogging more regularly about the books I’m reading and/or have added to my wishlist.

Today, I’d like to talk about the children’s literature book series titled Dragonborn by Brett Humphrey.

Awakening (Dragonborn Series, Book One):

“I soared high in the night sky in the most realistic dream I’d ever had. At least, I think it was a dream.”

On the eve of his thirteenth birthday, Alister Drake believed he was a typical middle-school-aged boy—until he grew four inches overnight. Developing superhuman abilities that rivaled those of characters in books and movies he and his friends cherished, he struggled to understand how his life had turned upside down so suddenly and so completely.

Little did he know how drastically his life was about to change, challenging everything he’d experienced as true and right in the world. Accompanied by his two best friends and led by a teacher who was much more than he seemed, Alister was about to embark on an adventure that surpassed anything he’d read or seen in movies.

Extraordinarily morally centered for his age, surrounded by family and friends he loved unconditionally, Alister stepped into the unknown with one clear goal in mind…

Protect the Weak!

“Brett Humphrey’s characters embody the power of friendship, humility and leadership!”

Return (Dragonborn Series, Book Two):

Two arduous journeys. One physically demanding, the other emotionally exhaustive. The young Dragon King faces both simultaneously and shoulders the burden with the strength and resolve only the King of Shifters can muster.

With limited resources and only a month to prepare, Alister Drake, the new King of all shifters, calls on the loyalty, expertise and support of his dedicated Inner Circle to prepare a battle plan. His goal—to return to Theria and wrest the kingdom from Dimitri; murderer, usurper and oppressor of the masses.

Haunted, yet inspired, by dreams of his royal parents, Alister believes they are still alive, despite reports of their deaths at the hands of Dimitri thirteen years before.

Aware of Alister’s plans to retake the throne of Theria, Dimitri lies in wait with an army of thousands, determined to crush and humiliate the inexperienced boy king. Ruling the land with fear and coercion, Dimitri has no conscience when it comes to harming anyone in his quest for power.

Two powerful shifters, both intent on destroying the other. One will stop at nothing to reach his goal with death and destruction. The other will stop at nothing to…

Protect the Weak!

Reunite (Dragonborn Series, Book Three):

Having Awakened to his true nature as King of All Shifters, mounting a Return to Theria to retake the throne from Dimitri and narrowly surviving a desperate attempt to save his Royal parents, Alister must use every resource at his disposal to Reunite the remaining shifters who were left behind on Earth.

I knelt amidst the carnage on the field of battle, weeping over the bodies of my two best friends. Bernie and Shelley had died back to back and even in death, they still held hands. They were surrounded by the bodies of enemy shifters—their attackers paid with their lives. However, it didn’t matter in the end; everyone was dead.

The fate of Theria and everyone he loves hangs in the balance as Alister faces his deadliest challenge yet. If Alister cannot unite the seven kingdoms on Theria and thwart the brewing rebellion, everyone and everything he holds dear will be destroyed. Plagued by prophetic dreams promising death for Aileene and himself at the hands of an unknown foe, Alister must push through his fears to become the High King his people need.

Even with the support of his family and friends, and all the strength, power and abilities he possesses as a Royal Dragon and the High King, Alister isn’t convinced that will be enough for him to save the people he loves and to — Protect the Weak!

What I like about this fantasy book series is …

Awakening falls under children’s literature with a 13-years-old, male lead that is “morally centered.”

With a solid 5 star rating, readers say …

I loved this book, struggled to put it down… and the second one was even better than the first. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

I love that this novel can definitely be enjoyed by both kids and adults, alike! Awakening has an amazing group of characters who I personally related with in many ways. I appreciate that characters like Alister, Bernie and Shelley are relatable and have real-life dialogues that aren’t weighed down, because the humor balances out the conversational aspect.

I have added this book series by Brett Humphrey to my to-be-read pile and I can’t wait to dive into this amazing fantasy world soon.

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Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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