One Week After Jilted Released: Updates and Goals | #newbook #booklaunch #success

January 2021

Hi Readers,

Today, I’d like to reflect on the launch of my latest book, Jilted (book one in the Never Marry a Shifter duology).


I wrote a flirty and witty paranormal romance with the intent to entertain and inspire. This is my first time writing a duology (a story told in two parts), a story told in 1-st person point-of-view, and a paranormal romance. I made a huge effort to conclude book one, Jilted, in a way that felt both satisfying and addicting. I want my readers both happy they read book one and eager to read book two. At $2.99, this two-part series is being rapidly released at full price and only one month apart.

Ultimately, Jilted is an African American, paranormal romance, wolf shifter novella conveying two themes: things are not always as they appear and trust your instincts.


  • Simple and memorable book title. ✔
  • Striking book cover. ✔
  • Priced fairly ($2.99 with $0.99 promotional days) to encourage new readers to try my books. ✔
  • Sold exclusively in Amazon’s Kindle Store, and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, to attract ebook readers. ✔
  • A short pre-order to generate book buzz ✔

My first goal was to capture more pre-orders than ever before.

My second goal was to see an increase in book sales for my other books like Hiss, Rattle and Bite.

My third goal was see an increase in pre-orders for my next book (before I start advertising it’s upcoming release).

Lastly, I wanted to see more book reviews, and sooner, than ever before.


One week later, I can draw some early conclusions about how well Jilted launched.

With Jilted

  • I came close to my goal of 50 pre-orders for a single book by earning 34 pre-orders at full price.
  • I succeeded in earning more $$$ than I ever have before during the release of a new book!
  • I have 10 book reviews on Amazon US after 7 days! I’ve never reached 10+ book reviews this quickly.
  • Readers are pre-ordering Scorned and others are buying Hiss, Rattle and Bite to read next!

Hurray! 🎉
I think I owe my current success to a growing fan base and a better understanding of book marketing techniques.

What’s Next:

Now that I have successfully launched my fourth published book, I’m busy writing the next one!

Book marketing is an ongoing effort and I will continue to promote my books in free ways along side paid advertisements on Amazon and Bookbub.

  • Scorned, book two in the Never Marry a Shifter duology, releases on 2/16/2021! Scorned is a suspenseful paranormal romance novella. This short and fun wolf shifter series is highly entertaining and highly rated—a must read for paranormal romance readers and African American romance readers!
  • Just a Little Wicked is a witch themed anthology that releases on 3/20/2021! It’s time to get wicked with over a dozen tales of magic, mystery, and mayhem from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Marigold and the new world introduced in Hiss, Rattle and Bite will make an appearance in this anthology!

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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I’m happy to answer any book release, book launch, book marketing questions you may have!

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