WINTER GAMES Reader Challenge 2021 | #readerswanted #readers #readingchallenge #readandreview

January 2021

Hi Readers,

I’m happy to announce that our fun for the rest of the winter is here! Readers wanted! Book worms, book dragons, book nerds, book bloggers, voracious readers and speed readers wanted even more!  

❄️ A fun filled, month long, read and review event starting February 14th!  

❄️ Quick & easy. Sign up today!

❄️ Join over 300 other readers in the WINTER GAMES Reader Challenge Facebook group.

Readers get to read books for FREE in a fun & focused way, connect with other avid readers, meet authors, participate in fun games all month long for prizes. Everyone’s a winner, and those that read and review the most books win BIG! 🎁🎁🎁

I participated last year and loved it. Now, I’ve signed up (as an author) for the 2021 games. Join me. ❤️

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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