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July 14, 2021

Hi Readers, 

I’ve missed you. I’ve also missed my characters and plots, sharing writing updates and posting teasers, and my writer’s life and book sales. 

Writing, my hobby, my passion, I’ve missed you. 

2021 has been an incredible year of change and growth. I’ve been sad, discouraged, restless, and stressed out. Then the sparks came. The sparks of inspiration, joy, gratitude, patience, motivation and creativity. 

  • I became a first time home owner in February, and moved in March 
  • Focused on losing weight by improving my diet 
  • Set new goals for myself in May, my birth month 
  • Started a new hospital job in June 

Now, here we are in July, and while I’ve been tremendously busy setting goals, adjusting to new circumstances, and savoring new accomplishments, I have not made much progress in my writing career … and that’s okay. 

Sometimes you need to rest, not quit. 

I unconsciously withdrew from Facebook and my online life as an indie author. In March, I was spread thin, easily discouraged, and lacking the funds needed to produce and market my books. As a form of self preservation, I took several steps away from my online presence. My little ones needed me, my husband needed me, and I needed to replenish my creative well. 

Four months later, I’ve spent a significant amount of time being the best mom I could be, the best homemaker I could be, and rediscovered my joy for leisurely reading. 

Now, I’m ready. My little ones have adjusted well to our new routine, my home is decorated and settled into, and my new job will help fund my book marketing efforts. While I know that I’ve struggled with consistency throughout my writing career, I deeply appreciate the affection and encouragement my readers continue to share with me. Thank you for being a part of my writing journey. 

Readers, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. 

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

Say, “Hi!” in the comments below, and stay tuned! 

4 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You | #writer #author #writing #updates #appreciation

  1. Hi Azaa so excited to hear of the journey this 2021 – it is so important to unplug & take time to rejuvenate. I am so glad you moved this way and our daughters are friends! Sarah

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