An Impossible Vampire Tale | #urbanfantasy #vampirebooks #comingsoon

November 2020 Hi Readers, I've done the impossible. I wrote a vampire tale that doesn't fixate on romance and sex. Who will read about vampires not having sex? I don't know, but I suspect that there are plenty of fantasy readers out there that value relatable characters and emotion-driven plots. I wrote "the end" today … Continue reading An Impossible Vampire Tale | #urbanfantasy #vampirebooks #comingsoon

The writing of a book series

Hi Readers, I'm happy to say that I'm reworking my outline for book three (tentative titled These Moments) in my Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter series. I'm still in draft one with several chapters written. As new ideas pop up and plot holes get fixed, I find myself needing to revise my original outline. Two tools … Continue reading The writing of a book series