Morning Walks — A Surprising Move From A Night Owl. | #goals #writing #walking

November 2020 Hi Readers, I wanted to share with you my most recent victory. 🌟 I walked five mornings in a row! Some people are early birds and others exercise regularly. I have never been either of those people. I'm a night owl that writes novels in the evenings after her family members fall asleep. … Continue reading Morning Walks — A Surprising Move From A Night Owl. | #goals #writing #walking

The writing of a book series

Hi Readers, I'm happy to say that I'm reworking my outline for book three (tentative titled These Moments) in my Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter series. I'm still in draft one with several chapters written. As new ideas pop up and plot holes get fixed, I find myself needing to revise my original outline. Two tools … Continue reading The writing of a book series

I’ve made a splash!

Hi there, I've gotta say, I really like WordPress! 50 atricles posted and counting! On WordPress, I'm able to discover new bloggers and writers easily. I can like, comment and reblog articles in seconds. With limited time, I'm able to quickly bookmark articles to read later. 37 followers and counting! I've connected with many book … Continue reading I’ve made a splash!