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Writers must read

A 3-in-1 article about reading, borrowing and reviewing books.   Writers must read. As a writer, it is too easy to slip into the mindset that you don’t have time to read because you should be writing. Or, for writers to worry that they…

I’m sorry but…

sorry [photo from internet]

I’m Sorry But… Sacrifices | I’m sorry… for missing your phone call | My willingness to make sacrifices to become a novelist was thoroughly put to the test over the past two years.

Her Sin, Chapter 1

There once lived a humble wolf pack in the dense Madame Sherri Forest in New Hampshire.

Pre-sale for my debut novel, THIS TIME!

I did it! I set out to write a full length novel and I actually accomplished my goal! I am so proud of myself and happy with the story! I hope you enjoy it too!  Pre-order your copy today for the discounted price of $1.99!…

Organized Nights, teamwork pays off

organized nights teamwork

Nowadays, I write almost everyday! Our nights are organized and this only works because of teamwork.

Knowing Who You Are, your source of power

comfortable in my own skin

Know Thy Self While I am not sure who said it first, “Know Thy Self,” is best known as an ancient Greek adage commanding you to examine, understand and accept yourself. Knowing who you are is your source of power – find it, claim…

Playdates, parents need them too!

swing playdates

The companionship of other adults, especially people in your age group with kids of their own, is priceless. 

Breastfeeding is so natural it’s beautiful. 

baby goose brestfeeding

Being a breastfeeding mom is incredibly hard work, and oh so worth it.

An unmedicated birth, a spiritual experience

granola crunchy mama birth

Giving birth is amazingly hard to describe.

Not Judging, I am imperfect too

two cents not judging imperfect

Take a minute and save a buck.  

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