Angels, Demons, Gods, & Dragons

AoftA Angels Demons Gods Dragons

Art of the Arcane  Angels, Demons, Gods, & Dragons November 11st to November 15th * * * When demon hunting is outlawed, it's time to resurrect a legend. Get your copy of This Time today via Smashwords! This Time is discounted until 11/15th, and only for EPUB compatible e-readers (not Kindle).  Visit to immerse … Continue reading Angels, Demons, Gods, & Dragons

Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek from THIS TIME

Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek These are the main characters in my debut fantasy novel titled This Time. Nadira, Demon Hunter: There are plenty of vampire hunters in the world protecting blissfully ignorant humans from vampires, werewolves, and all other beings that inspire nightmares. But, who do they call when they're over their heads? Children … Continue reading Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek from THIS TIME