Yes, please! | @azaaadavis #seducedbymagic #anthology #steamyromance

Nineteen steamy paranormal romance books for just 99 pennies? Yes, please! Seduced by Magic 💜 Preorder this limited-edition anthology from USA Today and NYT bestselling authors here:  Seduced by Magic Seduced by Magic 🌹 I have a few stories being published this year & I'm so excited to be featured in this anthology! … Continue reading Yes, please! | @azaaadavis #seducedbymagic #anthology #steamyromance

Pre-sale for my debut novel, THIS TIME!

I did it! I set out to write a full length novel and I actually accomplished my goal! I am so proud of myself and happy with the story! I hope you enjoy it too!  Pre-order your copy today for the discounted price of $1.99! This price is my way of saying thank you for taking … Continue reading Pre-sale for my debut novel, THIS TIME!

Fairy Trouble, Spotlight on Andrea R. Cooper

Fairy Trouble by Andrea R. Cooper | What can a fairy godmother-in-training do when Cinderella refuses to go to the ball?

Why, go along in Cinderella's place of course!

But falling in love with the prince's brother was never meant to happen. Soon a series of events into motion that will impact not only her career but also her entire life.

Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek from THIS TIME

Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek These are the main characters in my debut fantasy novel titled This Time. Nadira, Demon Hunter: There are plenty of vampire hunters in the world protecting blissfully ignorant humans from vampires, werewolves, and all other beings that inspire nightmares. But, who do they call when they're over their heads? Children … Continue reading Meet Nadira, Leo and Derek from THIS TIME