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Book Two – Yassssss!


In anticipation of Book Two titled That Night, This Time is on sale for 1 day only! 12/4/18

Insight from an author

September Presale This Time Author

Questions from fans and my answers

Book Reviews, Book Fairs and Kindle Fire

Yay-Nay-or-Meh [image from internet]

Reviews are incredibly helpful!

I’m sorry but…

sorry [photo from internet]

I’m Sorry But… Sacrifices | I’m sorry… for missing your phone call | My willingness to make sacrifices to become a novelist was thoroughly put to the test over the past two years.

Three ways you can join the fun!

Support in these three ways

You can help make my novels a success; before, after or instead of buying my book.

It’s Release Day for THIS TIME, my urban fantasy novel!

Release Day for THIS TIME, an urban fantasy novel!

Her Sin, Chapter 1

There once lived a humble wolf pack in the dense Madame Sherri Forest in New Hampshire.

Have you shared the news?

Have you shared the news? THIS TIME releases 10/01/18!

Smoke and Roses, A Spotlight on Olivia Wylie

SmokeandRoses by OliviaW

Every flower tells a tale.

A sneak peek of This Time

This Time  By Azaaa Davis  Chapter One   Nadira woke up encompassed in emptiness. It was as if she were in a void with no light or sound to give her a clue about her location. The air was musty, and her throat was…

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