A Perfect Mix of Suspense, Horror, and Holiday Cheer! | #HRB #Hiss @azaaadavis

December 2020

Hi Readers,

My new book releases in just a few hours!

Hiss, Rattle and Bite
A vampire urban fantasy novelette

I’m so excited for you to enjoy reading this dark fantasy short story!

I wrote Hiss Rattle and Bite (HRB) for those in need of a quick yet satisfying tale to sink their fangs into over the holidays.

Who doesn’t want to indulge in a little escapism during this altered holiday season?

My Christmas-themed vampire book is a perfect mix of suspense, horror, and holiday cheer!

Here’s another excerpt to mesmerize you!

Sunset meant that the end of Mari’s shift had begun. A vampire servant had three primary roles: protect the sleeping vampire you serve during the day, procure fresh blood upon request, and complete tasks that aid your vampire in running their household and business. 

Mari spent her precious money on a taxicab ride to ensure she made it back to her master’s home on time. Waiting to be called upon, she sat patiently in a receiving room connected to her master’s bedroom. All servants understood that missing a vampire’s awakening each night was a terrible offense that could lead to punishment and possible dismissal. 

“Come in, Marigold,” Rhett called out from his bedroom, expecting his servant to be ready and willing to serve him. 

Mari rose. She walked over to the door that connected the two rooms, turned the knob and entered. In the few minutes she had to spare as the winter sun faded from view around five o’clock, she’d freshened up. Knowing her master was a stickler for appearances, she quickly applied dressing to her chest wound, wiped all of her body parts that emitted a detectable odor, and slipped into a long, form-fitting gray dress. Her hair was now neatly braided into four, jumbo Ghana braids that ended in two low buns. 

Mari found her master standing near his open walk-in closet, examining himself in the well lit mirrors along the wall. The steam coming from under the bathroom door in the master bedroom indicated that the half dressed vampire completed his weekly bath. 

He wore an elaborately tied cravat, and a gray vest over a white tunic. Mari averted her eyes as her master put on short gray pants that he called breeches. With curled white hair, Rhett held onto his identity as an English nobleman accustomed to being served. 

“How long has it been since my last meal?” Rhett asked.

“Nine days, Master.” 

“Really? My gray skin, dry and cracking, and my white hair, dull and thinning, says longer.” 

“How may I assist you?” 

“A bite to eat is required. Someone male, young and tender, I think.” 

“As you wish, Master.” 

It was well planned that Rhett lived on commercial property among warehouses. He owned and operated a comedy club that opened at night and served affordable liquor. People came to have a few laughs and a lot of drinks. They heard the claims, but even those that met Rhett could hardly believe that he was a vampire. They saw a classically handsome and well mannered bachelor. They had no idea that the supernatural creature checking on his nightly patrons was ensuring that his meals continued to come to him merrily. 

Mari didn’t have to go far to secure a meal for her master. The line outside of the comedy club was already forming.

An Excerpt from Hiss, Rattle and Bite by Azaaa Davis

If you like movies and TV shows like The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Underworld, Blade, Lucifer or Supernatural as much as I do then explore the new paranormal world I’ve created in my new book with Marigold—an unlucky leading lady.

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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