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December 2020

Hi Readers,

I’m seeking book reviewers and book bloggers! I want to set myself up for success by growing a team of enthusiastic readers who either review books or blog about books.

Thank you for supporting me!

Book Reviewers:

Book reviews can be short and to the point. “I liked this book!” “I liked this book because …” “You should read this book by Azaaa Davis because …” Book reviews can also be fun and lengthy, if you have a lot to say. “Here’s what I liked and didn’t like …” “This is a story about …”

Either way, book reviews are essential to the success of a book. They show other readers that the book in question is being read (and liked) by others. Book reviews may answer a question and sway a potential book buyer to take a chance on a new to them author. Indie authors, like myself, rely heavily on book reviews since we often don’t have a gigantic book promotion budget for paid adverting.

I will offer advance reader copies (ARCs) to fantasy readers in the weeks prior to a new book being released. During release week, and ideally on release day, these readers will post their book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and any other place readers might hang out (like Bookbub, on social media, etc).

Please note that all book reviews must be honest and voluntary. While there might be occasional giveaways to show my gratitude, I do not pay for book reviews.

If interested in reviewing my fantasy books, sign up today!

Book Bloggers:

Book bloggers loves to read and then share their opinions with others on their blog. Book bloggers read as a hobby and often go unpaid for their efforts. Most have social accounts to expand their reach. Most have a book preferences, reading goals and enjoy interacting with both readers and authors.

My preferred book bloggers will be contacted before I release a new book and asked if they are interested in featuring my book on their blog. Media kits and ebook review copies are given to make it simply for book bloggers to read and talk about my books. Book bloggers can use their affiliate links when promoting my books.

If interested in blogging about my fantasy books, sign up today!

I cannot say thank you enough for showing an interest in my stories and writing career!

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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