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January 2021

Hi Readers,

I’m back! Hurray! After taking an unplanned social media and writing break, I’m feeling rejuvenated. Allowing myself to enjoy the holidays without the pressure of sleepless nights devoted to writing has helped tremendously. I didn’t even realize I was burning myself out until I started procrastinating and experiencing a few unproductive late nights writing sessions.

During my time away from my laptop and Facebook, I slept more and read more. As a mom of two toddlers, I can’t imagine being an avid reader anytime soon. Yet I know that one day I will gain the free time to read for hours as I once did in my teen years. For now, my free time is incredibly valuable because it’s in such limited supply. Each evening, I must decided if I will sleep, read, write, watch a show or movie on TV, or complete a house chore. At most, I can accomplish two of these tasks. As much as I identify as an author, I don’t write every day. Some evenings, it’s TV time before bed and lately it’s been reading.

Anywho … In 2021, I will be blogging more regularly about the books I’m reading and/or have added to my wishlist. These books will mostly be fantasy novels with female leads because that’s my preference. Occasionally, I’ll introduce a memior or non-fiction book I think others might love as well.

Today, let’s talk about the young adult, fantasy book series titled The God’s Scion by Winnifred Tataw.

Book one is Child of Tempus:

Child of Tempus (book one)
by Winnifred Tataw

Rodrick is a prince of the ruling country of Diar. He has a face kissed by the Gods themselves, with deep blue eyes and long ruby-red hair. Speaking of Gods, he also happens to be the Acolyte of Time. Gifts and curses with this power give him control over aspects of time. And being a dragon-human hybrid has its amazing perks too.

But since childhood, Rodrick has had a target on his back, and his insanely power-hungry father, Demon King Ryton, comes across as his closest but worst enemy. Throw in the workings of an alcoholic mother, a bipolar sister, a recovering addict brother, and an adopted little sister with magical powers, and you have the royal family of Diar.

Things couldn’t get any worse, until he meets the beautiful Princess Arcelia—but Arcelia isn’t the main problem. Her and Rodrick are on now on the run from Rodrick’s father, Ryton.

And with the looming risk of world destruction ahead of them, Rodrick is worried about more than college exams.

“Child of Tempus combines the familiar and the fantastic in a novel filled with gods, monsters, and human emotions. The setting is a world where a Demon King strives to create an existence to his liking. Standing against him is his son born to preserve the time-space continuum, Prince Rodrick.”

Book two is Descendants of Time and Death:

Descendants of Time and Death (book two)
by Winnifred Tataw

It has been a year since the Reign of Ryton, the Demon King, came to an end. Leaving Rodrick to face the burden of the tyranny he left behind. Yet this time he is not alone. After foreseeing massive deaths on the horizon, Lady Death seeks out the twenty-year-old prince’s aid in stopping what seems like an unavoidable war.

With the help of his older brother Rayden as his companion, the princess Arcelia, and Queen Riva for support, Roderick agrees to take on the monumental task. But the Diar Brothers are in for a wild ride of intrigue and betrayal when they meet a tyrant and a terrorist both fighting for control of a country that had already suffered under their father’s reign.

Secrets are revealed, promises broken, and trust is questioned. Rayden and Rodrick are going to have to race against time if they want to stop the war. Their journey will test every limit of their relationship and everything they’ve ever known.

Book three, newly released in December 2020, is The Lone Star Child:

The Lone Star Child (book three)
by Winnifred Tataw

Ophiuchus was cursed to imprisonment in space for wanting to share their gifts with the world. For millennia, they have been alone and forgotten. But Caro, the Space Acolyte, is their new chance at freedom. They’ve had a long time to think about what they’ll do once they’re freed. Which, with Caro’s help, will soon become a reality.

Finally, they will be able to crush all those who ever forsake them in the past. But this time around, it will be different. This time they won’t show any mercy. Every person that ever abandoned them will feel their wrath.

The Gods called them a monster. Well now, they’ve got one.

What I like about this fantasy book series is …

The child of Tempus falls under sword and sorcery, and magical realism which promises a fun, adventure filled novel.

With a solid 4+ star rating, readers really like this “promising” and “crazy good” “inventive fantasy” with “wonderful personalities,” and “suspense.”

I have added this book series to my to-be-read pile and I can’t wait to dive into this crazy good fantasy world soon.

Thank you for reading my blog today. Take a moment to explore my older blog posts as well as my books. Feel free to leave a question or comment below. And you can always sign up to receive my newsletter for regular writing updates, bookish giveaways and new book releases.

Best Wishes,
Azaaa Davis

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