Mechanical Creativity

A great “rest, don’t quit” blog post from a fellow author.
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Fairy Tale Feminista

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, new posts to my blog have been absent. I considered pushing through to make sure I had consistent content, but that’s how I ended up in this predicament in the first place. Let me explain.

When the pandemic first began, I was at the start of a blog tour promoting A Noble’s Path, the next book in my quartet. While I had a wonderful time getting to know new bloggers and participating in interviews, the results were mixed. People had other things on their mind and so did I. We didn’t know how long this whole thing was going to last and each day was a question mark.

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After the tour ended, I threw myself into edits for book three,A Rebel’s Path. And there were more than a few days when it felt like I had to…

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